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Pond Filtration – the Skimmer or Skimmer box explained:

What does a Skimmer look like?

A Skimmer is essentially a plastic container with pipe holes and a face plate. It serves several purposes, its main components are a pump chamber, collection basket, foam and weir door. When a skimmer is installed into an ecosystem pond it should be concealed within the build.

What purpose does a skimmer serve?

The skimmer is the first stage of our mechanical filtration.

The Skimmer houses, protects and conceals our pump. The pump circulates water from the pond on to the Biofalls or wetland filter.

The draw of the pump allows the skimmer to collect water from the pond.

A floating weir door ensures the skimmer can collect only the surface water from the pond hence the name.

By skimming off the surface water from the pond we are also able to collect any floating waste or debris such as twigs, leaves or duckweed. By collecting this waste before it can sink within the main water body we reduce the waste load within the pond.

The waste collects within a removable basket allowing it to be easily removed from the system.

Where is a skimmer located?

The skimmer is usually located at the opposite end of the pond to the waterfall, Biofalls or Wetland area to allow for maximum circulation through the pond. It is concealed with a faux rock cover to allow easy access for maintenance.

Which skimmer do I need?

When specifying or sizing a skimmer to a pond we look at the model number and cross reference it to the pond surface area. A 400 model corresponds to a pond surface area up to 400 ft² or 37m², a 1000 model to a pond surface area of up to 1000ft² or 93m². This must be considered in relation to all the other features and components within the specific system.

The skimmer 1000 offers an adjustable weir door and more substantial basket.

Is there a skimmer alternative?

There is an alternative to the skimmer called an intake bay which can be installed instead of or in unison with a skimmer. Watch out for a blog post on the Intake bay.