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Pond Cleaning, Maintenance & Repairs

The Importance of Pond Mainenance

As well as new water garden, pond, waterfall and water feature design and construction we also maintain ponds and water features. Including garden, fish and wildlife pond cleaning, maintenance and servicing and large and commercial pond and water feature maintenance, services and cleaning. All ponds and water features require some maintenance at some point to keep them running optimally. We provide a variety of pond and water feature maintenance, cleaning and servicing options to help to keep them looking and functioning beautifully.

Pond maintenance schedules can vary but popular options include:

  • Exploratory drain and cleans.
  • Annual pond maintenance.
  • Seasonal visits: Spring opening, Summer service, Autumn netting and Winter close down.
  • Monthly service calls.
  • Bespoke programs
  • One-off visits or assessments.
  • Equipment servicing, assessment, repairs and replacement.

A water feature exploratory drain and clean

If it’s been a while since the last clean, you have inherited a new pond or it is a pond we haven’t built or maintained before then an exploratory drain and clean is a good idea. This allows us to fully clean the pond and associated features and to assess the pond and equipment and let you know if there are any issues to resolve or adjustments to make, how the pond is set up and how to proceed with its management in the future.

What kit is used during a pond maintenance visit?

Kit we may use during a pond maintenance visit includes, pumps and hoses, pond vacuums, portable or temporary pools, pressure washers, hand tools and power tools for pruning and plant management.

Tasks we may undertake during a pond clean include:

  • Full drain and clean: remove water and fish/plants to temporary pools. Cleaning down the pond and or vacuuming to remove waste. Waste is applied to your garden beds, veg patch, compost or under hedges to return nutrients to your garden and reduce waste removal.
  • Aquatic plant management: cutting back, reducing, separating/splitting, fertilising or re-potting existing plants or adding new planting.
  • Equipment servicing: stripping down filters and pumps, cleaning and lubricating, replacing seals, hoses or fittings, replacing UV bulbs (additional charges may apply).
  • Refilling with existing and/or conditioned water and returning the fish/plants. Adding treatments to assist pond conditions/issues.
  • Testing equipment. Clean and tidy site. Walk through to explain the system, advise on further maintenance and answer any questions.

If you have a water body of any size that requires assessment or maintenance then please do contact us to start the process. We look forward to working with you.

We also undertake Commercial & large pond maintenance, de-silting and vegetation clearance.