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Waterfalls - Pondless waterfalls

Pondless Waterfalls

What could look better than nature’s own water features? A crashing mountain waterfall, babbling brook or gently meandering stream, there is endless opportunity for creativity. Every one bespoke, individually crafted for you and your setting. We can help to replicate that perfect memory or construct something new just for you. The waterfall design and construction possibilities are endless we can create single channels, multiple channels, split channels with styles from crashing stone waterfalls to slow meandering streams separately or in combination and everything in between with options including islands, pools, stepping stones, bridges with lighting, planting, algal control peripheral landscaping and additional water features.

Below are some images from my recent competition waterfall builds in Chicago, at Pondemonium 2022 and at the Pond Advisor invitational 2023 where Luke Everitt of Any Pond and myself won the peoples choice award.

Why a pondless waterfall?

  • Energy efficient: These features can be run continuously or on demand meaning reduced energy consumption.
  • Minimised maintenance: There is little kit to maintain, just the pump(s), clearing any debris and topping up the reservoir periodically.
  • High impact; eye catching features that bring the sound and motion of water.
  • Endless possibilities; fits in any space at any size,
  • Limited or no standing water: reducing safety concerns for some. Children love to play in and around water and this feature allows them to do so in a natural setting without having standing water when not in use.
  • Add-on: can also be added to existing ponds including optional additional filtration.
  • Sound masking: As well as being soothing the sound of a waterfall can help mask, mute or override background noise.
  • Versatile: also great for commercial sites, holiday homes and busy people.

Pondless waterfalls are a great natural looking water feature.

We create a beautiful natural looking waterfall and/or stream channel within your existing landscape or a constructed area. A beautiful way to enjoy a therapeutic water feature to help you relax and connect with nature. The relaxing sight and gentle sound of moving water to help you unwind right on your doorstep. They also make a great stand out feature for a business, an eye catching water feature that makes you stand out.

What goes in to building a Pondless waterfall feature?

A Pondless waterfall is constructed with a flexible liner and protective under/overlays. Stone and pebble are positioned to create a variety of falls and effects within and along the channel. Aged Wood and planting can be added to soften the edges. An underground reservoir holds the water and pump(s) to run the feature. When the waterfall feature is turned off the water drains back to the reservoir/sump area. The sump can be either a preformed heavy-duty container ‘Aquabasin’ or a bespoke lined reservoir with water storage Aquablocks and is usually finished with a mix of rocks, pebbles and cobbles before being blended out into the surrounding landscape.

If you think a pondless waterfall would improve your garden space and lifestyle and are ready to make that investment please get in touch and we can assist you in making it happen.