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Water Feature Design, Construction & Restoration

Why choose a fountainscape water feature?

Fountainscape water features come in all shapes and sizes. They make a beautiful stand-alone water feature or can be combined in multiples and/or with natural stone to give an endless number of possibilities.

Our Aquascape fountainscapes have scope to fit any space.

They can be installed as a self-contained, recirculating water feature.

They can be added to an existing water garden or designed into a new Wetland, Pondless waterfall or Ecosystem pond to bring the ‘wow’ factor, additional interest and to provide an aerating function.

A fountainscape is not just an eye-catching water feature it also benefits from being:

  • Low Maintenance - power off overnight to naturally control algae.
  • Energy efficient - Option to run on demand saving energy and money
  • Sound masking - mask background noise with the pleasing sound of moving water.

Enjoyed day and night; these features can be illuminated with warm white or colour change light sets.

Cross-over features; why not add a fire element to your water feature for added ‘wow’ factor and warmth.

These modern water features are constructed from a fiberglass resin composite, which is durable, lightweight and cost effective.

A feature consists of the centerpiece, a reservoir and the immediate/surrounding landscaping.

The pump and plumbing are concealed within the build and allow the water to recirculate through the feature.

Types of Fountainscape water features


A classic style urn water feature with a modern twist. These come in three styles to choose from:

Stacked slate urns: molded from a real stacked slate urn and replicated to give that classic  stacked stone texture and look.

Rippled urns: a ceramic looking urn with concentric protruding and indented rings that encircle the urn giving a distinct pattern to the urn and the water.

Scalloped Urns: this ceramic look urn has random protrusions in rings around the urn giving a distinct pattern to the urn and the water.

These come in three sizes as standard:

Large: 142cm tall by 96cm diameter (56”x38″),

Medium: 114cm by 69cm diameter (45”x27″),

Small: 82cm by 51cm diameter (32″x20″) 

Fire add on available for paraffin or citronella/scented fuel.

A mini 30cm (1′) and giant 2.4m (8′) version available in stacked slate by special order.


These features are molded from original stacked slate spheres and have the same classic stone look and texture.

Spheres come in three sizes as standard:

Large: 95cm tall by 1m diameter (37.5″x40″),

Medium: 76cm tall by 82cm diameter (30″x32″),

Small: 55cm tall by 61cm diameter (22″x24″).

Fire add on available for paraffin or citronella/scented fuel.

Fire and water sphere – 61cm tall by 76cm diameter (24″x30″). Specifically designed to combine fire and water this feature runs from a regulated gas bottle.


Stacked slate walls are modular and come in curved and straight sections allowing us to create a wide variety of looks and heights by combining units.

These wall sections are available as straight or curved

Large: 66cm tall by 90cm wide (26″x35″),

Small: 33cm tall by 90cm wide (13″x35″).

A variety of tops allow for directed or all-around water flow from each section.

Spillway Bowls & Basins

The spillway bowl overtops via a designed spillway lip and the spillway basin overtops all around the edge.

Bowls measure 82cm (32″) and basins are 102cm (40″) diameter and they can be used individually, in unison or in multiples.

The spillway bowl is available as a specifically designed water and fire bowl fuelled via a regulated gas bottle.

Fire Fountains

The fire fountain is a purpose designed water feature which gently circulates water in an outer ring and supports a paraffin/ citronella oil flame in the dental section. A simple and elegant fire and water feature. 

Available in 61cm, 71cm & 82cm (24″,28″ & 32″) diameter versions.

Balsalt Columns

Basalt column features are available in sets of three from 61-91cm (24-36″) tall. They are great as a stand-alone water feature or can be combined. A torch system is available to add fire fed from a regulated gas bottle giving a candle like effect.

Bubbling Rocks

Bubbling rocks are natural water features that come in all shapes and sizes. We usually select these at the quarry and drill them ourselves to get the perfect look for each setting. Bubbling rocks are great as a stand alone water feature, combined in groups for more effect or incorporated in to larger features such as waterfalls, ponds or fountainscapes.

Add-ons and Optional extras

Why not extend your enjoyment with some extra features or additions:

  • Lighting: Adding water feature lighting in and/or around your fountainscape allows you to enjoy your feature into the evening and beyond.
  • Fire; Fire additions allow us to mix fire and water to give another aspect to your water feature. From a gently recirculating fire fountain bowl feature, oil burner additions, flaming rock columns to an all-out purpose designed fire rock.
  • Flow: Adjustable flow allows you to choose and adjust the look and sound of your feature.
  • Water features; get creative and add more water elements to your feature in consistent, complimentary or contrasting styles
  • Landscaping: Boulders, stones, cobbles and pebble mix, planting, mulch and more.

If you are interested in finding out more about our fountainscape water features or are ready to invest in a new feature for your enjoyment please contact us and let’s get the ball rolling.